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From: James Wages <>
Date: Wed Nov 07 2007 - 03:49:10 EST

On 11/7/07 5:12 PM, "Matt Howe" <> wrote:
> Actually NCX is of no importance or worth to me.

And from the utter dearth of discussion about NCX, it would appear that many
on this list nowadays feel the same!

> You see I am one of a large number on this group that use a PC.

I see. So this list is dominated by Wintel users now, eh? Will I must
apologize then. I often speak from a Mac users perspective because I am
one. Of course, Apple makes Macs and they made the Newton. So its rather
natural for one coming from the Mac/Apple world to also take part in the
Newton world.

No doubt there are a "large" number of Mac users on this list. Perhaps they
are simply vacationing at the moment or they are less vocal than their
Windows using counterparts. But of course, there is the possibility that
perhaps there were simply too many posts by PC users on this list and then
ventured off elsewhere. :-) No matter, I am a Mac users and am here to
stay. And my comments about NCX pertain only to those in the Mac using
community. I still feel that Simon's efforts are to be applauded, even if
they do not directly help those in the world of Bill Gates. I simply wish I
could hear more feedback about NCX from other Mac users on this list.


James Wages

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