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From: Jon Glass <>
Date: Wed Nov 07 2007 - 04:00:28 EST

On 11/7/07, James Wages <> wrote:
> No doubt there are a "large" number of Mac users on this list.

I are one, too. :-)
> I still feel that Simon's efforts are to be applauded,

Hear, hear! I agree!

> I simply wish I
> could hear more feedback about NCX from other Mac users on this list.

My problem is that my Newton can only communicate with my OS X slab
(an ancient Pismo) via Ethernet. For some reason, when I restored my
Newton after a screen replacement, NIE seems to be broken, and won't
connect properly to anything. So I'm forced to use Serial to my even
more ancient PowerComputing clone running OS 9. Since I now have a
Palm, syncing and such are no longer important on my Newton, and NCU
works fine for installing packages, backing up, copying notes (my
primary use for my Newton now), and that sort of stuff.

NCX came out after my Newton died, so I've never had a chance to get
it to work, thanks to my scrambled Newton. It sits on my HD, but does
nothing. Maybe I'll work on this this week or weekend. If NCX does
work, my Newton would be back in business big time--but does NCX do
Ethernet? or only serial?

 -Jon Glass
Krakow, Poland
There is no such thing as public opinion. There is only published
opinion.   --Winston Churchill
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