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From: James Wages <>
Date: Sun Nov 04 2007 - 05:34:26 EST

My Delta account of 66,000 miles was slated to expire this December too.
It's now extended to 2009 with the miles still in my possession. How?
Simple. Just trot over to 1-800 Flowers and buy your mother some flowers
for her birthday or for Christmas. You don't get a lot of miles, but that's
not the point. The very fact you add miles automatically extends the
expiration two years. You can keep this up indefinitely.

If you donate, you don't have to pay any money if the recipient is a
charity, but you are then giving "money" away to someone you don't know.
And if you want to give miles away to family (as I often have), you must
consider Delta charges a fee for the transaction, in addition to a per-mile
fee. It would cost several hundred dollars for me to "give away" my miles
to family. That's why I keep my miles and just extend the expiration dates
with online purchases. And if you go to the SkyMiles section of,
you will find an online mall of sorts, hosted by a Delta partner, who
showcases all manner of vendors that can help you acquire extra miles.

Personally, I'd love to fly round-trip tot the US for free on my 66,000
miles. But stupid Delta stopped flying from Nagoya to LAX several years
ago. And so, I must wait until they get their act together by extending my
SkyMiles expiration date (and yes, I've told them so numerous times). This
is really the better solution than "giving away" your hard earned miles.

Now let's all get BACK on topic by discussing the merits of Simon's NCX. It
never ceases to surprise me how many people talk on this list but not about
the greatest Newton software contributions known to man, of which NCX ranks
near the top. I couldn't care less about the iPod, iPod touch, The Next
Newton, wireless technologies or wifi woes (that have been discussed at
length in the past), spare parts for a silly FinePix camera, and so on. NCX
is practical to every Newton user who wants to load packages or do a backup
or make screenshots. It's worth keeping in the lime light.


James Wages

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