[NTLK] I miss the Newton (Clu) & Question to all

Friedrich Sacher friedrich.sacher at gmail.com
Mon Feb 18 16:02:22 EST 2019

Answering the question Clu wrote:
How do you all with the Newton make it relevant to use in today?s world
that tends to be more USB/Micro SD/Bluetooth oriented.

In that point I can totally agree with the answer of B. I love the concept
of "non beeing connected" to the internet and getting tons of
notifications, messages, mails and so on. I'm using my MP2100 mainly for
managing my appointments, making notes during presentations and lectures at
the university and calculating/planning projects using the
spreadsheet-feature of NewtonWorks. And for playing some games and reading
books from time to time (I use the files primarily distributed at UNNA).
I am still (heavily) using my iPhone but I am constantly thinking about
switching back to an "classical phone" with "real buttons", but the only
limiting factor is that I have to use WhatsApp for business and private
purposes. So if there would be a phone, for example a new version of the
reinvented Nokia 3310 running android...I would (not literally) throw my
iPhone in the bin.
But to sum it up: I mostly like the "always on and ready"-fashion of the
Newton, the way, everything is interconnected and the fact, that you can
simply focus on the things you are currently working on using the device.
No distraction. Just a perfect and wellstructured working-environment.
Therefore I'm very interested in trying out the reMarkable-Tablet, that is
currently getting more and more famous. I've looked at many videos and
there might be a real chance (in terms of the finances ;-) ... I mean, 599€
is quite a price!) of getting one. But this looks pretty nice and clean
with it's "non-connection" except the email-connection, which only can be
used to (besides the USB-connection) to transmit the written files.
Especially for as a composer and musician, writing music on such a device
could be a great and productive joy.

That reminds me of something.
Here is an important question for you all:
does somebody of you own a copy of the Software "MusicPad" from LandWare?
I read that the company still sells software for the Newton but after
contacting them, I got no answer. And there's no source on the Internet to
get this software. So I'm turning to you. Please tell me, if you know
someone who might know, how to get the software.

Greetings from Dresden, Germany.

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