[NTLK] I miss the Newton

Noah Leon moosefuel at gmail.com
Mon Feb 18 16:00:09 EST 2019

I miss my Newton, but I’m torn whether I would want it to be a modern device. Part of me would love to see an OS like that in a similar form factor. If there were some company who was able to make an improved version on NOS I would buy and enjoy it a lot I think.

On the other hand, part of what I feel when I use my Newton is being transported back to that time when it really was the only cool handheld computer that was not just a stripped-down version of some desktop OS (like Windows CE). It was really it’s own thing. I couldn’t afford an MP2000 when it came out, but I would read about it, think about it, so to finally have one is a dream come true.

Also, I don’t know if I would want it to turn into the iPhone eventually if it had continued. It is a blessing sometimes to be saved from being bothered by social media, emails, texts and phone calls. The Newton stands apart as a different way of using a computer. I see devices like my iPad slowly getting some features which appears ages ago on Newton (beaming vs. AirDrop, pen-input, handwriting recognition, a virtual assistant are some examples). But the Newton hangs on as a familiar friend who understands that sometimes we don’t want a bazillion features. Sometimes we just want to be able to hear ourselves think. And then take a few notes.

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