[NTLK] I miss the Newton (Clu) & Question to all

L.W. Brown lwb at mac.com
Tue Feb 19 02:06:18 EST 2019

I have a reMarkable, and - with some tweaking (adding more template forms) - it can work quite well in Newt’s place. It’s not as smart, so linking info is up to me. And the info stays handwritten. However, I can email notes as text, with a quite  accurate transliteration.
Annotating PDFs is a breeze, and highlighting & PDFs in color stay in color when exported or viewed in iOS.
EPUBs are quite readable (no backlighting) as long as they are not rights-protected.
Battery life is pretty awesome, and the biggest drain is staying on wifi when there’s no need to back up files.
It runs on a simple Linux, and can be SSHed to over USB. I expect lots of hacker extensions, as there’s already an active community.
Your mileage may vary ;-)
-L.W. Brown
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> On Feb 18, 2019, at 13:02, Friedrich Sacher <friedrich.sacher at gmail.com> wrote:
> Answering the question Clu wrote:
> How do you all with the Newton make it relevant to use in today?s world
> that tends to be more USB/Micro SD/Bluetooth oriented.
> In that point I can totally agree with the answer of B. I love the concept
> of "non beeing connected" to the internet and getting tons of
> notifications, messages, mails and so on. I'm using my MP2100 mainly for
> managing my appointments, making notes during presentations and lectures at
> the university and calculating/planning projects using the
> spreadsheet-feature of NewtonWorks. And for playing some games and reading
> books from time to time (I use the files primarily distributed at UNNA).
> I am still (heavily) using my iPhone but I am constantly thinking about
> switching back to an "classical phone" with "real buttons", but the only
> limiting factor is that I have to use WhatsApp for business and private
> purposes. So if there would be a phone, for example a new version of the
> reinvented Nokia 3310 running android...I would (not literally) throw my
> iPhone in the bin.
> But to sum it up: I mostly like the "always on and ready"-fashion of the
> Newton, the way, everything is interconnected and the fact, that you can
> simply focus on the things you are currently working on using the device.
> No distraction. Just a perfect and wellstructured working-environment.
> Therefore I'm very interested in trying out the reMarkable-Tablet, that is
> currently getting more and more famous. I've looked at many videos and
> there might be a real chance (in terms of the finances ;-) ... I mean, 599€
> is quite a price!) of getting one. But this looks pretty nice and clean
> with it's "non-connection" except the email-connection, which only can be
> used to (besides the USB-connection) to transmit the written files.
> Especially for as a composer and musician, writing music on such a device
> could be a great and productive joy.
> That reminds me of something.
> Here is an important question for you all:
> does somebody of you own a copy of the Software "MusicPad" from LandWare?
> I read that the company still sells software for the Newton but after
> contacting them, I got no answer. And there's no source on the Internet to
> get this software. So I'm turning to you. Please tell me, if you know
> someone who might know, how to get the software.
> Greetings from Dresden, Germany.
> Friedrich.
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