[NTLK] sorta OT: best iOS handwriting recog SW?

Abraham Limpo abraham at familialimpo.net
Wed Jun 8 05:23:11 EDT 2016

Not that ironic as you think. Newton handwriting recognition was the
offspring of two technologies: One was internal and when the newton
platform was cancelled it evolved into "inkwell" on Mac OS X. The second
was designed by an external company called CalligraPher and was adquired
(read: bought) by Microsoft for improving his Tablet PC platform. You can
see a huge jump after the incorporation of this technology in XP Service
Pack 3.

I don't know how calligrapher compares to inkwell but I can tell you that
when I installed the update and tried the HWR I felt right at home. On
windows Vista/7 they kept improving it to a point I could write by hand
almost as fast as by typing, and moreso, in my native language (newton
didn't support spanish ;) ).

2016-06-01 12:53 GMT+02:00 Tony Kan <tonykan at xtra.co.nz>:

> "I know is probably not the answer you're seeking, but nowadays the only OS
> that has real solid support on HWR is Windows."
> Yes, so ironic! And as a keen Newton fan, I find myself using a Windows
> tablet in order to get the closest Newtonesque experience available on a
> modern platform.
> Funny how life turns out.
> Tony
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> Handwritten on a X200 ThinkPad Tablet
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> Hi Bob
> There isn't much interest inside Apple on developing HWR for iOS. Last
> interview I read (back when they released iPad pro) was that nowadays
> people
> just keep HW notes or they just retype them, and therefore is no value in
> develop a HWR solution. Instead they're focusing on making the ink
> "interactive", whatever that means (note: they hinted about changing colors
> and making easily shareable with other apps).
> As for third party, you can try myStylus. Is a keyboard replacement that
> supports HWR.
> I know is probably not the answer you're seeking, but nowadays the only OS
> that has real solid support on HWR is Windows. Last beta of windows 10 (the
> "Anniversary update" due to have an official release next month) improves
> the already good HWR engine with better integration and less latency
> through
> the windows Ink API. My hope is that with the release of this new API (they
> promise that making ink apps is as easy as adding "two lines of code". I
> think they left the marketing guy too near the official report) some
> developers will try their hand at making some good apps.
> Cheers,
> Abraham
> 2016-06-01 8:53 GMT+02:00 Bob Carls Dudney <kosmicdollop at saber.net>:
> > Would much appreciate recommendations re: iOS handwriting recognition
> > software
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