[NTLK] sorta OT: best iOS handwriting recog SW?

Abraham Limpo abraham at familialimpo.net
Wed Jun 8 05:30:06 EDT 2016

Quoting the all-knowing Wikipedia:

In the early 1990s, two companies, ParaGraph International, and Lexicus
> came up with systems that could understand cursive handwriting recognition.
> ParaGraph was based in Russia and founded by computer scientist Stepan
> Pachikov while Lexicus was founded by Ronjon Nag and Chris Kortge who were
> students at Stanford University. The ParaGraph CalliGrapher system was
> deployed in the Apple Newton systems, and Lexicus Longhand system was made
> available commercially for the PenPoint and Windows operating system.
> Lexicus was acquired by Motorola in 1993 and went on to develop Chinese
> handwriting recognition and predictive text systems for Motorola. ParaGraph
> was acquired in 1997 by SGI and its handwriting recognition team formed a
> P&I division, later acquired from SGI by Vadem. Microsoft has acquired
> CalliGrapher handwriting recognition and other digital ink technologies
> developed by P&I from Vadem in 1999.

So in the end, the one that uses newton's HWR is Microsoft :)

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