[NTLK] Einstein on BB10

Frank Gruendel newtontalk at pda-soft.de
Wed May 7 18:28:04 EDT 2014

> However, I also have a "spare" Samsung Nexus S running Jelly Bean around
as well,
> and I ran Einstein on it--same Newton 2100 ROM dump (which works on my
> it crashed at the same time. This makes me wonder if it's an Android 4.2
> rather than a device-specific issue... Here's the logfile for it:

OK, since the log file is more or less the same as that on your Blackberry,
I'd think the problem is the same on both your devices.

Unfortunately, I will not be able to reproduce your setup EXACTLY because I
have but three Android Devices to test Einstein on:

1) Nexus 7 running Android 4.3. I'm not all that eager to downgrade this
device to 4.2.

2) Samsung Galaxy Note running Android 4.1.2. This is a device that was
built for the Chinese market. Since Samsung isn't very eager to provide
people with OS updates for this model, I'm probably stuck with this OS
version. If anyone can prove me wrong, please by all means don't hesitate to
do so.

3) Meteorit Netbook running Android 2.2. This bloody thing is a sloppily
designed and unreliable hardware with a sloppily adapted Android OS. It
wouldn't really make sense trying to reproduce the problem using this

I'd suggest we try a systematic approach here. Since we can't prove yet that
your problem is caused by the Android version, I'd suggest that you mail me
the apk file you are using. I'm aware that I could download it from the same
location you downloaded it from, but I want to test with YOUR apk file. I
will  test it with the Samsung and the Nexus, and maybe I can reproduce your
problem. If I can't, I would need an Android 2.2 device for a couple of days
on which the problem occurs.

By the way: Have you tried waiting for a very long time for Einstein to boot
before giving up? Like, an hour or so? Just to make sure the problem isn't
caused by something on your device that for whatever reason is thwarting
Einstein's boot process?



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