[NTLK] Einstein on BB10

Jonathan Dueck jonathandueck at yahoo.com
Thu May 8 11:36:14 EDT 2014

Excellent! OK:

> I'd suggest we try a systematic approach here. Since we can't prove yet
that your problem is caused by the Android version, I'd suggest that you
mail me the apk file you are using. I'm aware that I could download it from 
the same location you downloaded it from, but I want to test with YOUR apk
file. I will  test it with the Samsung and the Nexus, and maybe I can
reproduce your problem. If I can't, I would need an Android 2.2 device for a
couple of days on which the problem occurs.

I'll link the APK I'm using, here, from Dropbox (and I'll take the link down

> By the way: Have you tried waiting for a very long time for Einstein to
boot before giving up? Like, an hour or so? Just to make sure the problem
isn't caused by something on your device that for whatever reason is
thwarting Einstein's boot process?

Just tried that. On the Nexus S, running stock 4.2, it immediately fails
(log ends as previously). On the Z10 running the 4.2 Android runtime under
BB10.2, it keeps running until I interact with it. I let it run for more
than an hour before interacting with it. Then tapping it, it prompts me to
"wait" or "close." I eventually closed it. Interestingly, I don't think it's
doing much with the processor over that hour--no noticeable battery impact,
and the log is written to within the first seconds of starting it, and then
nothing is written in the hour after.


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