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Hi, Lee!

You don't need a Mac, but you do need a real Newton and some desktop PC (Windows or Linux--_I believe_ there are also instructions for Linux) for the ROM image. Do you have a Newton hanging around? If so, check the PDF documentation posted here for how to get the ROM image:


You can email the ROM file to yourself to get it to your phone. It should be called 717006.rom. Then, using your Note 3, download the einstein.05.01.2013.apk and Einstein.rex files posted here:


Make a directory in your Download folder, on the phone's SD card; call it Einstein. (If you don't have a file manager on your phone, you can install ASTRO File Manager). Copy the Einstein.rex  and 717006.rom files into that new directory.

Still on your phone, go back to the Download directory and tap the einstein.05.01.2013.apk you previously downloaded. If the phone prompts you to allow installs from outside the Play store, agree to it. 

And you should be good to go! Click the resulting Einstein icon, and enjoy your emulated Newt.


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Sorry if this has been discussed or can be found elsewhere but I need the groups help.
I do not have access to a Mac but need to get the get Einstein loaded on my note 3. Any help would be appreciated.


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