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Mr Jonathan Dueck jonathandueck at yahoo.com
Tue Apr 29 13:01:47 EDT 2014

Hi, all,

Thanks everyone for picking up this thread!

I'm using a Surface Pro to type this, and I usually take notes on it using Xournal (which I got into when I owned a Nokia N800, got on strength of reviews from other Newtontalkers--I miss that device too and hope to try an Ubuntu phone when one appears on the market). I agree that the stylus is magnificent and that Windows 8 is the most viable pen solution on the market right now. The touch aspects of Win8 are nice too, though incomplete.

So that package all works, but it's all kind of unsatisfying in comparison to a Newton--the paperlike way in which the Newton gets out of your way, because all elements of the UI are oriented around paperlike / modeless pen use.

OneNote does a good job of notetaking but has too many interface elements all around it to feel quite like a Newton to me. Win8 has great HWR but I find it distracting to write in an onscreen HWR box rather than in whatever document I'm editing. 

With Newton hardware aging and other pen-related solutions (ex. Evernote Moleskine) expensive and/or not very Newton-like in functional capability, Einstein seems like it might be the way to go to me, particularly as the network capabilities of Einstein improve. I could even sync the Newton memory card file between my phone and my laptop via Dropbox (or OwnCloud or Unison, whatever). 

If anyone else tries this let me know! And if I get 'round to taking the plunge (possible now that the Univ. is almost in summer session) I'll write you-all to let you know how it works.


On Tuesday, April 29, 2014 10:06:07 AM, Lord Groundhog <lordgroundhog at gmail.com> wrote:
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> ...
> What still is missing is the kind of integration of notes that the Newton had,
> especially when MoreInfo was installed.  I'm hoping with the new api hooks
> that MS have brought in with the 8.1 update 1 pack, we might see a few more
> MoreInfo-style additions in the future.
> ...

And for me this is the deal breaker.  A device with *only* great HWR would
be hugely attractive to me, as would a device with *only* the astonishing
integration of NOS + MoreInfo (yes, I too am an unpaid but wildly fanatical
lover of SilverWARE).  That is, if I'd never used a Newton.  But now that
I've been using a device that has both?  I think if I ever willingly
abandoned the use of my Newtons for anything inferior, my sanity would have
to be questioned (even more than now).  The Newton especially in its final
iteration is so organic that it's much more than the sum of its parts.
That's a hard thing to achieve, and I'm still astonished that Jobs missed
the possibilities.  (I refuse at this point to exhume the question of his
motives; the loss of what might have been speaks for itself.)

For me the only down-side is that I know I could do even more with Newt if
she had just a few modernizing hardware tweaks, you know, to give her some
more elbow room.  

I suppose Newt and I are a bit like my wife and I:  at our age we're long
past taking up BASE-jumping or parcours so the possibilities of the
pre-requisite medical miracles are a lot of fun to imagine; on the other
hand, we already enjoy our life together so much that BASE-jumping and
parcours aren't things we miss.




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(With thanks to Chod Lang)

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