[NTLK] Questions from an apostate

Dan dan at dbdigitalweb.com
Fri Nov 2 00:33:09 EDT 2012

On 11/1/2012 12:52 AM, Aron Hsiao wrote:
> Hi all,
> I hope this post doesn't rankle, but I'm in need of help.
> I was a dedicated Newton user from the late '90s through the early '00s 
> and am now an iPhone 4/iPad 2 user.
> The problem is that I'm not satisfied with the software, despite being 
> thrilled with the hardware.
I have to agree.  I just don't understand why when it was "made before"
with so much less it can't be done now.  I still have not found a
calendar program even close to Dateman or Moreinfo.  Or Hypernewt for
that matter.  Or the way the Newton OS just worked so well.  I find it
light years ahead of anything else...STILL.

I don't have a ipad but I did recently get a Nook Tablet.  Nice piece of
hardware and great for watching movies or checking the news, and of
course reading a book (although I much prefer e-ink screens for that and
use my other e-ink Nook).  But for content creation, it just isn't
there.  Or the things that I use my Newton for.  Granted the firmware is
a older locked version of Andriod but I can install a full current
verison if I want, very easily, I just haven't seen any reason to.  Now
if I had a Einstein on Andriod... now that would be a good reason. :)
(or at least great Andriod programs that make it into a newton equlivent
without spending much)

Another thing, sure this hardware is so much more advanced...but WOW
does it eat power.  If you use it a lot you get about a days usage on a
charge.  My newton can last a month light use or a week heavy use
easily.  So yes so much more powerful but wow do you have to pay for
that in short battery life.


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