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> I actually watched a purse snatching while it was in progress. In a more
> crime-ridden area here in Phoenix, AZ, I was sitting in my company's Ford van
> listening to the radio and enjoying my coffee for a minute or two, in the
> parking lot of a grocery store I was preparing to do some work in. I watched
> as a woman parked her car...and, with her purse on her right shoulder started
> to walk into the store. A car pulled up behind and to her right, and I watched
> with amazement as the driver actually pulled the purse from her shoulder and
> the car sped away! She didn't struggle, she was caught unawares and completely
> by surprise.
> ...

I've seen and heard of similar things done by someone on mountain bike,
motorcycle and once, roller blades.  Impossible to track and catch, unless
one is using a similar mode of transport.  The futility of running after
someone on a mountain bike is nothing compared to watching that person nip
along a planned escape route at speed, and even if you pursue in a car, if
they've included an alley or other obstacle in their route, you've lost

The only defence against any such attack is awareness of surroundings and,
as you imply at the end of your post, sufficient forethought to consider how
one is displaying and carrying one's bag or other valuables.  Every time I
see someone walking down the street with iPhone, iPod or other pricey gizmo
prominently displayed, and showing no apparent concern for possible risks in
their surroundings, I cringe a little.  They can't all be police decoys, can



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