[NTLK] [OT} Re: Samsung Galaxy Note 10.1 + Einstein = Match Made in Heaven?

James Fraser wheresthatistanbul-newtontalk at yahoo.com
Sat Mar 3 01:09:29 EST 2012


>The only defence against any such attack is awareness of surroundings and, as 
>you imply at the end of >your post, sufficient forethought to consider how one 
>is displaying and carrying one's bag or other >valuables. 

Also, what particular town (or part of town) you're displaying them in.  We 
can't always pick and choose where we live and work, but when I saw this bit:

>In a more crime-ridden area here in Phoenix,

...and read the rest of the story, I couldn't help but think that the victim 
might have exercised some of that (admittedly scarce) forethought you speak of 
and taken a few minutes to drive to a "nicer" part of town to do her shopping.  
Ah, well, hindsight is always beautiful, eh?

>Every time I see someone walking down the street with iPhone, iPod or other 
>pricey gizmo prominently >displayed, and showing no apparent concern for 
>possible risks in their surroundings, I cringe a little.  

I see that a lot, too, and my reaction mirrors yours.  As near as I can make 
out, people are often afraid of being bored, even momentarily, when they're 
running around doing everyday tasks, and so rely on gadgets to engage their 
attention and provide some sort of distraction from themselves.

The thing is, when you're fully attuned to your surroundings, you are -never- 
bored.  I wish there was something I could say or do to get, say, the guy in 
front of me jaywalking with his nose in his iPhone to realize this, but I think 
that kind of insight is just that, a realization, and as dismissive as it might 
sound, I think people either "get it" or they don't.


James Fraser

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