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Fri Mar 2 11:10:13 EST 2012

I actually watched a purse snatching while it was in progress. In a more crime-ridden area here in Phoenix, AZ, I was sitting in my company's Ford van listening to the radio and enjoying my coffee for a minute or two, in the parking lot of a grocery store I was preparing to do some work in. I watched as a woman parked her car...and, with her purse on her right shoulder started to walk into the store. A car pulled up behind and to her right, and I watched with amazement as the driver actually pulled the purse from her shoulder and the car sped away! She didn't struggle, she was caught unawares and completely by surprise.

I ran over to her to make sure she was okay, then went into the store to tell the Manager what happened, that he should call the police.

I went back to my van and tried to give chase (they had driven behind the building)...but they were long gone.

The police said that the driver likely tossed the purse to his associate in the passenger seat, who quickly went through it and then threw it in a dumpster behind the store as they sped past it and away, thus disposing (no pun intended) of the evidence.

So, there are alternatives to "cutpurses"...what I took away from this was the sheer boldness of the move, and how calculated it had to be. If there had been cars in front slowing them down or blocking the way, I could have gotten the license plate number, but it all happened so fast!

Also, if the woman had only carried her purse on her left shoulder next to the lines of parked cars, 
it wouldn't have happened at all.


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On Mar 1, 2012, at 7:46 PM, James Fraser <wheresthatistanbul-newtontalk at yahoo.com> wrote:

>> Way ahead of you...the strap for my Satchel is wrapped around a steel cable 
>> (well, I embedded a steel >cable in the strap myself) so they will need bolt 
>> cutters to cut the strap. 
> I dimly recall a purse manufacturer who, years ago, boasted that their purse 
> straps contained thin steel cables to foil potential cutpurses; this sounded 
> like a good idea to me.  Until, that is, I thought about it a bit more and came 
> to the conclusion that a cutpurse might get frustrated and/or bored after being 
> balked by such a device and decide to leave off trying to cut the 
> steel-reinforced purse strap with their sharp knife in order to have a go at 
> carving up a nearby someone-or-other, instead.

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