[NTLK] [OT} Re: Samsung Galaxy Note 10.1 + Einstein = Match Made in Heaven?

James Fraser wheresthatistanbul-newtontalk at yahoo.com
Thu Mar 1 21:46:33 EST 2012


>Way ahead of you...the strap for my Satchel is wrapped around a steel cable 
>(well, I embedded a steel >cable in the strap myself) so they will need bolt 
>cutters to cut the strap. 

I dimly recall a purse manufacturer who, years ago, boasted that their purse 
straps contained thin steel cables to foil potential cutpurses; this sounded 
like a good idea to me.  Until, that is, I thought about it a bit more and came 
to the conclusion that a cutpurse might get frustrated and/or bored after being 
balked by such a device and decide to leave off trying to cut the 
steel-reinforced purse strap with their sharp knife in order to have a go at 
carving up a nearby someone-or-other, instead. 

(That sort of thing really isn't my cup of tea.)

>Although, I prescribe to the James Bond method of theft deterrent...If I can't 
>have it, nobody will...in that >scene where a henchman tries to steal the car 
>and when he breaks the glass, the whole car explodes, >killing the henchman...I 
>would love to do the same thing.....using a proximity detector. When my satchel 
>>is no longer in my possession, it blows up! Now *THAT* would be fun! I wonder if 
>>you can rig a Newton >to Explode?

In these cost-conscious times you might want to consider, instead, strapping a 
dozen-odd road flares across your chest (road flares, I've been told, make 
excellent simulated TNT sticks) and walk around with these whilst clutching an 
old Claymore clacker in your right hand (someone [not me] is flogging one of 
these on eBay as we speak).

I would guess that, by your making such a dramatic fashion statement, any 
potential bad guys would be more worried about you rather than you about them 
(which, of course, is the way it should be).  Naturally, the local SWAT team 
might take an immediate and particular interest in what you were up to, but you 
can't have everything. 

Alternately, if you feel you absolutely *must* get your own back, you could 
always hook up your proximity detector to an exploding dye pack (the kind that 
bank tellers give to bank robbers as a "bonus gift" during a heist), taking care 
first to replace the relatively innocuous dye with skunk juice.  In fact, the 
Israelis have developed a synthetic equivalent of skunk juice for crowd control 
(not coincidentally called Skunk) and might be able to help kit you out for that 
sort of thing.

(Just trying to be helpful.)

While I think of it: big up to LG for the cutpurse reference in his last post.   
"Cutpurse" isn't a word you hear bandied about every so often nowadays and, 
frankly, I've always thought "Moll Cutpurse" would be a cool name for an 
all-girl punk band. :D


James Fraser

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