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~~~ On 2012/03/01 15:36, Forrest Buffenmyer at newtonphoenix at mindspring.com
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> ...                    his father told him, "YOU will know it's not been
> painted! One needs to have pride in one's work...always do the best job you
> can."
> Sorry...I will climb down from the soapbox now. But this kind of thing greatly
> annoys me.
> That, and people who don't use turn signals. ;)

Errr, Forrest?   Are you sure you aren't me?  I mean, *really* sure?   :-P

Or maybe we just need to check a few things -- I don't remember having
another brother named "Forrest", but who can tell, who can tell?  Maybe what
I was my cat was really a brother named Forrest ...if so, did you mind very
much always being called "Ivan" and being made to sleep in a basket in the
hall?  Or did you have a brother named "Christian" who disappeared later in

Seriously, my father was exactly like Jobs' step-dad sounds.  Things Pop did
were never left to be "good enough", they were works of precision and
beauty.  And I can still hear him say, "I'd know what I did" whenever I
asked him why he even crafted the things people can't see.  And that's
stayed in my head all these years.  I'm glad I carry that now, and I'm glad
I come from that stock.

And I was told that attention to writing shows intelligence and commitment
and pride, just like well-shined shoes, crisply ironed shirts or a
well-formed knot in your tie. I still cringe when I see bad spelling.  Now
that book drafts are "spell-checked" instead of proof-read, even books can
make my skin creep.  Even books from publishers like Oxford University Press
can make me weep.  

And yes, people who don't signal their turns properly ...!!  I have been
known to offer someone a tenner to buy the "optional extra" indicator system
for their car.  That was when I was a snotty-nosed kid.  I still think about
it occasionally, but now I behave myself.



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