[NTLK] [OT} Re: Samsung Galaxy Note 10.1 + Einstein = Match Made in Heaven?

Terence Griffin terence.griffin at nist.gov
Mon Mar 5 12:13:42 EST 2012

Back in the day, I used to carry a 35mm camera wherever I went. I found 
even with the strap diagonally across my chest, it hung and flopped 
annoyingly. So I took the spring clip off a dog leash and put on the 
camera strap hook. Then I could clip to my belt loop. I realized that 
not only did it protect the camera from knocks, but from snatchers as well.

Lord Groundhog wrote:
> ~~~ On 2012/03/02 16:10, Forrest Buffenmyer at newtonphoenix at mindspring.com
> wrote ~~~
>> I actually watched a purse snatching while it was in progress. In a more
>> crime-ridden area here in Phoenix, AZ, I was sitting in my company's Ford van
>> listening to the radio and enjoying my coffee for a minute or two, in the
>> parking lot of a grocery store I was preparing to do some work in. I watched
>> as a woman parked her car...and, with her purse on her right shoulder started
>> to walk into the store. A car pulled up behind and to her right, and I watched
>> with amazement as the driver actually pulled the purse from her shoulder and
>> the car sped away! She didn't struggle, she was caught unawares and completely
>> by surprise.
>> ...
> I've seen and heard of similar things done by someone on mountain bike,
> motorcycle and once, roller blades.  Impossible to track and catch, unless
> one is using a similar mode of transport.  The futility of running after
> someone on a mountain bike is nothing compared to watching that person nip
> along a planned escape route at speed, and even if you pursue in a car, if
> they've included an alley or other obstacle in their route, you've lost
> them.  
> The only defence against any such attack is awareness of surroundings and,
> as you imply at the end of your post, sufficient forethought to consider how
> one is displaying and carrying one's bag or other valuables.  Every time I
> see someone walking down the street with iPhone, iPod or other pricey gizmo
> prominently displayed, and showing no apparent concern for possible risks in
> their surroundings, I cringe a little.  They can't all be police decoys, can
> they?  
> Shalom, 
> Christian 
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