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Lloyd Conway doc_retro at juno.com
Sun Oct 16 13:58:32 EDT 2011

   As a number of folks have already commented, I'll be brief.  We have two iPod Touch devices in the Conway household, and unlike the 1G iPod Shuffle that I have, they won't sync with Os X 10.4.11 Tiger on a G4 Mini.  The iTunes version required for the current version of the iOS is newer than Tiger can use.  That said, connectivity via USB with an intel MacBook running Snow Leopard has never been a problem.  
    As far as comparing it to a Newton goes, it does not support HWR, and I've tried some of the 'handwriting' apps that the App Store offers.  I also cannot find a stylus that will support handwriting, no matter the quality og the app in question.  The blunt, eraser tip on the styli I have only support poking, not writing.  
  Plusses include Dragon voice recording, Skype internet telephony, easy calendar and address book synching, notes synching, easy e-mail setup, and a wide variety of apps, including one that makes the iPOd into a low-power flashlight.  Internet access is nearly useless, insofar as reading off the tiny screen is concerned.  Reading is also difficult, as only a paragraph or so of text can be viewed at any time.  
  The Newton stil wins for HWR, reading, and also for battery usage and  not having a 64-page license agreement, while the iPOd wins for connectivity, e-mail, app variety, etc.  That said, I plan to get a new one soon, as the addition of a built-in camera and mike (which our Newts already have) make carrying attachments unnecessary.  If/when wireless synching becomes a reality, then the usb cable could be dispensed with, making this a truly untethered device.  A double-size iPod Touch w/good HWR and a usable stylus would be about as close to a revived Newton as one might reasonable hope for.
-Lloyd Conway
 Charlotte, Michigan

>> Thought it was just cute. Then I found out all the requirements for
>> connecting to iTunes and really ... my initial assessment, I'm really
>> surprised this device didn't bomb outright. 10.5.8 and iTunes 10... or I
>> have seen that 10.4 should work (have a PowerPC G4 1ghz computer at
>> least)... anyway, nothing works.
>> Up for any pointers if anyone has any.
>> This device makes the Newton look like it connected at the hip with a
>> Mac. I mean seriously, with the syncing issues, why did this device succeed?
>> Doc Clu
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