[NTLK] The IPod Touch

Clu drclu at swbell.net
Sun Oct 16 23:46:58 EDT 2011

On 10/16/11 8:58 PM, Lloyd Conway wrote:
> As a number of folks have already commented, I'll be brief. We have 
> two iPod Touch devices in the Conway household, and unlike the 1G iPod 
> Shuffle that I have, they won't sync with Os X 10.4.11 Tiger on a G4 
> Mini. The iTunes version required for the current version of the iOS 
> is newer than Tiger can use. That said, connectivity via USB with an 
> intel MacBook running Snow Leopard has never been a problem.
Ok, so it WON'T run with the G4?   And that is the reason my wife and I 
are looking into getting something that will work better with our 
current G4 computers, which are doing what we need fine for the time being.

We were thinking of getting a iPad, but realizing the iPad2 would need a 
newer iTunes, are looking at getting a Kindle or Droid ran tablet instead.

>    The Newton stil wins for HWR, reading, and also for battery usage and  not having a 64-page license agreement, while the iPOd wins for connectivity, e-mail, app variety, etc.  That said, I plan to get a new one soon, as the addition of a built-in camera and mike (which our Newts already have) make carrying attachments unnecessary.  If/when wireless synching becomes a reality, then the usb cable could be dispensed with, making this a truly untethered device.  A double-size iPod Touch w/good HWR and a usable stylus would be about as close to a revived Newton as one might reasonable hope for
A good comparison.   I guess to me the iPod Touch was the form factor I 
would have liked to see in a Newton at some point.  More pocket sized.  
Something you could have in your pocket and forget about.   I did like 
how the notes section and some of the animations were used from the 
Newton.  And the basic Apple feel is there.

Can understand if you wanted something more eReader or Newton sized.   
That was always a nice part of the Newton, though I generally had to 
carry a Newton in a bookbag or satchel.  Still I was able to brag that I 
had a eReader long before those became popular.  :)

I have told my wife, who wants a reader solution, that books can be 
loaded on her Newton, but I think she wants something where they can be 
bought and loaded a bit easier.  :)

Doc Clu

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