[NTLK] Sooo... the iPod Touch

Clu drclu at swbell.net
Sat Oct 15 03:31:44 EDT 2011

On 10/15/11 4:38 PM, Max Smith wrote:
> Did you ever get the iPod to sync?
> I used a second and then third generation iPod touch and then an iPhone 3G on an 800MHz G4 running Tiger since ~08.
> I'm not sure what version of the iPhone OS you're using, but iTunes 9 works with up to OS 4.1.
Interesting.  This is (looking at the "about") Model MC086LL which I 
have looked up to be a 3rd generation.

The version I have currently is 3.1.2 (7D11).

The Macs that I tried this with were two PPC Macs both better than 1 
ghz.  One had 10.4.11 and iTunes 9.2.1 and the other had 10.5.8 and 
iTunes 10.   Neither recognized the iPod touch through the USB port.

Possible the USB cable or the port on the iPod touch is bad.   (or the 
USB port on the Mac needs to be reset.)

Anwyay, thanks for letting me know the iPod Touch has worked on your 
Mac.   The iPod Touch has that Newton feel in a smaller size (similar 
icons) and the Mail and internet already work great.

So try more of this later.

Doc Clu / Greg

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