[NTLK] Sooo... the iPod Touch

Max Smith maxmaxmaxmaxsmith at gmail.com
Sat Oct 15 11:55:27 EDT 2011

On Oct 15, 2011, at 3:31 AM, Clu wrote:

> The Macs that I tried this with were two PPC Macs both better than 1
> ghz.  One had 10.4.11 and iTunes 9.2.1 and the other had 10.5.8 and
> iTunes 10.   Neither recognized the iPod touch through the USB port.

Okay, I'd make sure that you're plugging the iPod into a USB that's  
actually coming from the logic board, i.e. not a hub.

If it came with a wall charger, try plugging the iPod into that. If  
it starts charging, then its most likely not a problem with the iPod.

Furthermore, I'd use the Mac with Leopard. My G4 only has USB 1.1,  
which is crippling. It takes hours and hours to sync everything up  
(these days I use an circa 2005 ThinkPad for iTunes).

I'm glad you're liking the touch so far. I was surprised when I first  
started using a Newton, how similar it was to the IPhone/iPod touch.

Max Smith

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