[NTLK] Trying to get Vista, NCU, and Virtual Box to play together

Dan dan at dbdigitalweb.com
Sat Feb 12 12:01:57 EST 2011

Hello All,
Well I recently have been working trying to get the Virtual Box (free
and open source) emulator working with NCU.  The set up is as follows:

-Main OS (host) system running Vista 64
-Keyspan USB to serial adapter and drivers installed into vista and
working as far as I can tell.  All diagnostics says it is working, but I
don't have another serial device that will work with vista (due to lack
of drivers for 64 bit)
-Virutal box emulator installed
-Windows2000 installed and running in Virtual Box
-NCU installed in windows2000 instance

Now I have managed to get the windows2000 instance to see the serial
port, however the newton won't connect.  I tried several different
speeds and settings.  Although I haven't tried slowdown as I assume that
would be pointless due to the emulation.  I have heard of others using
microsoft's Virtual PC, however they charge for the vista and windows 7
versions.  And I would rather do it with open source anyway if I can.  I
feel so close, any suggestions?


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