[NTLK] iOS Einstein submitted to the Apple App Store - rejected

Bryan N Iotti ironsides.medvet at gmx.com
Sat Feb 12 06:23:16 EST 2011

Ok. I'll document myself as to if my friends and I can pull this off, otherwise we'd just be wasting your time.

I'll get back to you.

On Feb 12, 2011, at 11:39 , Matthias Melcher wrote:

> On 12.02.2011, at 10:17, Bryan N Iotti wrote:
>> As far as the "any Android devs out there?", well, what do you have? Just the Obj-C code from the iOS? I believe Android runs on Java, so that would likely need recoding.
>> Again, I'm beginning, and this is definitively a more advanced project, but my unit is available, and so's the SDK...
> We have all source code in C++. The Windows version uses no Objective C at all. Android does allow native code (C++), so there is no issue here except maybe that we need three executables for Android devices with different CPUs, but I am not even sure about that.
> Basically, you'd have to figure out how to compile natively, find functions for touch input, pixel based output, and a timer. Nothing else needed for the first version.
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