[NTLK] [FS] J&K Sales, Inc. Complete Newton Inventory

Stefan Thorsteinson stthor at telus.net
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Hi Ken,

I share the sentiments of Forrest in wishing you all the best in your future
endeavors. As someone who has done business with J&K in the past and is
familiar with the honesty and good business practice experienced dealing
with you, J&K will be missed. For the good of the list, I will contact you
off-list to discuss a potential arrangement. I suspect we may be able to
come to terms. 

To those of the list who are looking for the bits and pieces, I have a
company that I can use to (TOTALLY, TOUNGUE IN CHEEK) "launder" the
transactions. I'm just on the opposite side of the 49th parallel from J&K.
(OK, a little west too.) I would not be looking to profit from the
transaction. Rather, assist in keeping the love of Newton alive and cover
costs. Making donations of parts to our loyal "Research Group" is certainly
an option. I'll Keep you all posted. Of course, there could be a Daddy
Warbucks out there who will beat me to it. Fingers crossed.


Stefan Thorsteinson

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My name is Ken Bush a former, co-owner of J & K Sales, Inc.

As you are probably aware, J & K Sales, Inc. went out of business some 
time ago.

We are looking at selling all of the Newton inventory that we had on 
hand at the time of closing. I wanted to give the members of the 
NewtonTalk mailing list a first chance at all of these items.

The inventory includes hundreds of complete Newtons, the majority being 
MP2000s, and enough disassembled parts to build hundreds more MP2000 and 
MP2100 units. There are also AC adapters, memory cards, etc. All the 
items will be sold in one big lot as we do not have the resources to 
divide it up or piece it out.

I am hoping that some of you may be interested in these items. If there 
is an interest, we will work on getting a complete inventory of items 
sometime in January.

I look forward to your reply.

Thanks, Ken

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