[NTLK] Public WiFi

Forrest Buffenmyer anasazi4st at me.com
Mon Feb 15 12:42:41 EST 2010

I know the MP2x00 can connect to public WiFi--my question is...how?

My Newt wireless setup requires a Base Station or SSID...while many places offer free WiFi, how can you connect? Do you need another device to find the SSID name, and then input that into the Newton? In the past when I've known that I would be going somewhere offering public Wifi and the MP, I'd take along my HP iPAQ rx3715 (running Windows Mobile 2002 I believe), turn on the WiFi...it would list the SSID and I would put that into the Newton. I might try to connect first to check and be sure there weren't any problems....

It's a pain to take two PDAs anywhere...especially when I only want the MP. The iPAQ is pretty cool--you can write on the screen, and it's Windows...the down side is: there's no HWR (what software that does exist is a joke), and it's--uh--Windows....

It would be great if the Newt could display SSIDs and have you choose...but *sigh* that was a bit before it's time, I would guess....


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