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Mon Feb 15 13:44:55 EST 2010

~~~ On 2010/02/15 17:42, Forrest Buffenmyer at anasazi4st at me.com wrote ~~~

> ...
> It would be great if the Newt could display SSIDs and have you choose...but
> *sigh* that was a bit before it's time, I would guess....


FWIW, you can buy devices that will go on your keychain like a keyfob, that
will list the SSIDs around you that it can see by name, and will tell you if
they're encrypted or not.  Some even will tell you the kind of encryption.
It beats carrying a second PDA.

Of course if you're a customer of the café or whatever it is, you can just
ask for the SSID, unlike when you're just sitting in their parking lot.  ;-)


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