[NTLK] QuickFigure Pro observation

Mike Rodgers pmiker at copper.net
Tue Feb 9 11:11:12 EST 2010

I have noticed an anomaly in QF that has popped up in a few 
spreadsheets.  It's as if you were working on a paper spreadsheet and 
had erased a cell's content to the point where it was too messy to write 
new contents.  QF will just report VALUE! and not accept new input.  You 
cannot delete the row or the cell.  You cannot use functions.  Nothing, 
it's a dead cell.  I have had to copy the good cells to a new worksheet 
and delete the old one.  I have not been able to isolate the cause but I 
normally compute values that go into the cell, something like 

Has anyone else seen this?  Is there a way to reset the cell?

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