[NTLK] QuickFigure Pro observation

Bob Carls Dudney kosmicdollop at saber.net
Thu Feb 11 09:41:03 EST 2010

I don't have Pro, but I've seen QF Works spreadsheets get corrupted 
and no longer usable.

No, I don't know any way to recover.

I've not seen the problem since I decided to keep Newt's spreadsheets 
relatively simple, small, straightforward.

I've not tried to calculate, but I suspect a QF formula has a 
relatively low capacity to keep track of links to other cells, 
especially ones also containing formulas.

Or it may just be a limit how many formulas of a given complexity QF 
can handle in one sheet.

Free system heap and RAM are obvious limits also, but I suspect QF 
sheets don't usually get corrupted by running out of memory; the 
input that exhausts memory just fails until one frees up more.

Bottom line: when pushing QF's limits, duplicate or back up frequently!

As an example what QF Works CAN handle, what I suspect is my most 
complicated successful spreadsheet has about 50 formulas on about 25 
rows. Each row has the same two formulas referring to adjacent values 
in the same row. The first formula is a simple multiplication against 
the value of the first spreadsheet cell, the second subtracts another 
value from the multiplication cell and then divides by the 
multiplication cell.

Happy Newtoning!


On 9/2/10, Mike Rodgers wrote: 
>QF will just report VALUE! and not accept new input.  You
>cannot delete the row or the cell.  You cannot use functions.  Nothing,
>it's a dead cell.  I have had to copy the good cells to a new worksheet
>and delete the old one.  I have not been able to isolate the cause but I
>normally compute values that go into the cell, something like
>Has anyone else seen this?  Is there a way to reset the cell?
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