[NTLK] Mail V Problem, was Re: Newton vs. E5830 Blog Up

Andy Hill adhill at fastmail.co.uk
Sun Feb 7 18:05:28 EST 2010


These sorts of problems are so, so infuriating. I notice that the error 
code description suggests that a package or soup may be missing. I used 
to get it a lot but I can't remember for the life of me why it was. See 


However if you haven't changed anything that is quite strange. You could 
try the following:

Check that all your Mailv packages are on the same store?

Freeze all unnecessary internet packages - I think you should only need 
to have:

Internet enabler
Internet set up
Ethernet set up
WLAN driver
Mail V.

Check that the disconnect delay options are the same in the relevant 
internet set up and the MailV prefs in Inbox/outbox.

Change the disconnect time to Never and see what happens then.

Change the 'Disconnect after sending' option in Mailv prefs and see what 

Does it happen after sending as well as receiving email? Does it happen 
if you email straight from Notes?

Freeze everything to do with MailV and try a different mail programme 
like SimpleMail v 4. If the error occurs again it would indicate a 
problem with packages other than MailV itself.

Can you try a wired Ethernet connection instead and see if it still happens?

Then there are the more radical solutions:

Do a backup/ restore.

Do a hard reset and load it all again.

Hope you solve it.


Tony Douglas wrote:
> To Mail V...
> Mail V and I seem to have a love-hate relationship. I had it set up and working, and all was well and good. Then one day....
> I didn't change *anything*. Really, honestly I didn't. I was just receiving mail like normal, then when the retrieval was finished, the Disconnecting ... slip seemed to take a bit longer than usual, then I got a -48204 error...

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