[NTLK] Mail V Problem, was Re: Newton vs. E5830 Blog Up

Tony Douglas tonyisyourpal at netscape.net
Sun Feb 7 15:34:17 EST 2010

Hi there,

It was indeed write speed, which seems to get slower ... and slower ... and sllooowweerrrrrr... Eventually, it would take over three minutes to return the Newt to usefulness after a reboot (and there have been many reboots recently...) So, despite it being good fun on the face of it to have 2Gb of store available for the Newton, in reality it just doesn't make sense, sadly.

To Mail V...

Mail V and I seem to have a love-hate relationship. I had it set up and working, and all was well and good. Then one day I was sending an email, and things went a little... odd. So, I reorganised to have a separate owner slip for each email account, and got that working again last week. And it all worked fine and dandy for about 4 days. Until yesterday.

I didn't change *anything*. Really, honestly I didn't. I was just receiving mail like normal, then when the retrieval was finished, the Disconnecting ... slip seemed to take a bit longer than usual, then I got a -48204 error, and a non-removable Disconnecting slip and the wireless card stayed active - the connection hadn't been dropped. If I put a second Email Access on the same owner slip, the account that originally caused the Disconnecting slip to fail disconnects successfully, but the second email account now retrieves mail correctly and gets the same hanging Disconnecting... slip after at -48204 error.

According to BugTrap, the crash is at LoginToHostScript(), 6: SetFindVar 'curAccount, and stack trace goes back from LoginToHostScript to LoginToHost to SendRequest. I have *no* idea what has prompted this, and I've deleted all owner slips and recreated, cleaned out the InOut box soups and rebuilt the inboxes, recreated the internet setups, and none of it gets rid of this contemptible -48204 message. Aaaaaaaaargh !

Any ideas, anybody ? Please, before I go conclusively doo-lally ? I wouldn't mind, but I've given up on resetting my clock from 1/1/08, as every time I retrieve mail I get this hanging Disconnecting... slip, and a reboot is the only thing that gets rid of it !


- Tony

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On Saturday, February 6, 2010 at 9:56 pm Tony Douglas wrote:

> PS. There will be more to come shortly,
> including why I've abandoned the 2Gb
> compact flash card

ooo... ooo... (Juts his raised hand upwards, repeatedly) Pick me! I know why! 
Does it have something to do with write speed!?

> and a plea for help with MailV !

There are a lot of hints with Mail V, in the archive. But most of us are always 
glad to tap out a few words of encouragement. Looking good so far. 

Get yourself a couple of 16MB or 20MB Linear Cards instead of the ATA storage. 
Next, set your prefs for Mail V with rules. I have it set to ignore if greater 
than 1 Day old and ignore it if it is greater than 25K in size. I have other 
rules too, but those two really help speed things up.


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