[NTLK] Newton vs. E5830 Blog Up

R A Parker RAParker at Newted.ORG
Sun Feb 7 12:46:00 EST 2010

On Saturday, February 6, 2010 at 9:56 pm Tony Douglas wrote:

> PS. There will be more to come shortly,
> including why I've abandoned the 2Gb
> compact flash card

ooo... ooo... (Juts his raised hand upwards, repeatedly) Pick me! I know why! Does it have something to do with write speed!?

> and a plea for help with MailV !

There are a lot of hints with Mail V, in the archive. But most of us are always glad to tap out a few words of encouragement. Looking good so far. 

Get yourself a couple of 16MB or 20MB Linear Cards instead of the ATA storage. Next, set your prefs for Mail V with rules. I have it set to ignore if greater than 1 Day old and ignore it if it is greater than 25K in size. I have other rules too, but those two really help speed things up.


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