[NTLK] MP 130 Backlight

From: Andrew Diller <dillera_at_dillernet.com>
Date: Mon Mar 30 2009 - 20:47:58 EDT

I just got a 'unused' MP130 from ebay. the unit is in perfect condition,
with the box and most of the pieces (manuals, cords, ps). The unit was used
a tiny bit at one point- there were 3 notes of random text in it, but it's
very clean.

Anyways, I'm wondering about the backlight on these- I assume that you
enable it like the MP2100, that is, hold down the power button. However,
when I do that there is no backlight..... Could it have broken?

I used a 120 extensively a long while ago. For many years I've just had a
MP2100--- It's really amazing how much lighter these models are than the

Andrew Diller

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