Re: [NTLK] MessagePad 100

From: Ryan Vetter <>
Date: Wed Mar 18 2009 - 19:19:06 EDT

I wanted to mention, using my "new" MP 100 today, the following came out in Notes as I was writing: "INTERNET is not in the dictionary, would you like to add it?" (capitalized for emphasis and paraphrased - not an exact quote)

I just had to laugh. And it is sort of funny and ironic because while the MP 100 does not "know" what the "internet" is, it was able to use online services and Email. And when I think back to when the MP 100 came out (1993/94), I was in high school and had never heard of the Newton before. In fact, I did not know they existed until many years later. Nice marketing Apple! And considering my school probably had one of the most advanced Mac labs of any, where all of us computer dudes were loving the Mac, we did not see one shred of marketing for Newtons.

Maybe that was actually a testament to the precision of their marketing only to business people, I don't know...

But when I think of this device now, and what it can do, and then go back to 1993/94, I can see just how sort of complex it could appear to people. "Email"? What is that? "Online"? What is that? I could see it being useful for business people and a handful of tech savvy college students with money to blow.

I know those in the tech field were more welcoming of this, and understood it much more, but for many of us both young and old, this technology was just too advanced for everyday, consumer use with widespread adoption. I digress again...

The more I play with the MP 100, the more I like it, as long as the lighting conditions are right. Battery life is ridiculously long: no backlight and small footprint... this battery is not budging.

And the handwriting recognition is not that bad. Not as good as 2.x, but today it seems better than yesterday, and I just wrote 6 lines in notes and it only made 2 small errors. I have tweaked everything out on the recognition side so maybe it is paying off.

Anyone with any other software recommendations for this beast let me know, I would appreciate it.

Thank you,


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