Re: [NTLK] News on the NuBus cards...

From: Frank Gruendel <>
Date: Wed Mar 18 2009 - 19:09:32 EDT

>> I have a 1GB SCSI disk down in the basement
with a copy of everything
>> I did from 1993 up to 1998, including egger and
the last ROM image
>> before Apple sent out the 100s.

> Is there any way that data could make its way to
Grant & Frank before
> the drive seizes? Maybe they can test and
package up so that it can
> eventually make it to UNNA's archives?

I would gladly do so, and it would not be much of
a problem since I can easily plug this drive into
my trusty 8100 Mac. However, I guess there is most
likely much other stuff on a 1GB drive that might
be personal, top secret or under a non disclosure
agreement. So simply sending the drive to someone
might not be an option. But if it IS an option,
just let me know how I can reimburse you for the
cost of shipping. It goes without saying that I
would ship the drive back at my expense as soon as
I have copied the eggers software, the ROM image
and maybe Hammer if I can't find the latter


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