Re: [NTLK] Interesting Screen Anomaly on 2100, Anyone...

From: Bob Carls Dudney <>
Date: Sun Sep 14 2008 - 13:29:38 EDT

In case not familiar: first time I received one of my Newton's it had
a screen protector that was so well-installed it was very hard to
notice, but there were some tiny bits of grit underneath that created
air bubbles between Newt and it. I thought it was a defect until the
seller told me about the screen protector.

Hope that's your issue, too, as it's much simpler to remedy.

Hard protector type slides under edges of case so one can't see the
edges. "Soft" type is slightly sticky to adhere to screen.

Former can be detected by trying to slide it around with finger, or
push to one side to force it to bend upward off screen. (Suggest
powering off first.)

Also, to my knowledge, the pen detection layers are just two sheets
of mylar atop the LCD glass. -- Or maybe just one sheet with the
other wire grid fused onto the glass.

Good luck!


On 12/9/08, Ryan Vetter wrote:
>Seen something like this...
>I recently acquired a 2100 never really used. I have noticed that
>while everything works, it looks like there is some oil or something
>in a few spots underneath the screen. I can see one oil like
>splotch toward the lower part of the screen, and another toward the
>top left. They are each about 1 inch in diameter. When I push the
>stylus on one of them and apply some light pressure, for instance,
>the splotch expands and radiates outward, enlarging it. It sort of
>looks like a diagram of a wireless single array. I can also put the
>stylus on the center of one of them and drag, and it sort of follows
>the stylus, then, in an elastic way, snaps back to its original oil
>like round splotch shape.
>With the backlight on, they can also be seen. There are no jaggies
>that I am aware of, everything works fine on the screen, just these
>anomalies. Any ideas what this is and what I can do?
>Thank you so much in advance.
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