[NTLK] Map Containers

From: R A Parker <QuadzillaNET_at_SBCGlobal.NET>
Date: Sun Sep 14 2008 - 14:03:00 EDT

On Sunday, September 14, 2008 at 9:49 am Matt Howe wrote:

> I will be testing my understanding
> of multiple map mapping files.

Looking forward to this!

> Once I have that I will be writing up
> something about making maps (I know
> there has been others but hey, one
> more can't hurt.)

I've been trying to make more maps for myself. I don't think there are very
many tutorials besides the one and only PDF from the program's creator. I
would love to see more help in this area.

I made 2 maps a couple of years ago. But lately, I've been having a
difficult time repeating my earlier successes. I can't get GPS Map to "see"
my latest map as a valid container.

> And I will be adding a section on how
> to make maps using Google Earth images.

That would be just "Ducky"


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