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Subject: FS: Newton 2100, power adapter, serial dongle, flash memory
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Relive your Newton days. The Newton 2100 is the last of the Newton
series from Apple (not counting the eMate). From what I remember
reading about it, it was the only one released by the brief Apple spin-
off company "Newton, Inc." Accessories included are:
- Power adapter
- Additional NiMH battery
- Serial adapter dongle
- 4MB Generic Flash memory card
- 8MB Generic Flash memory card

Notes about this unit I'm selling: I've lost the original pen that
comes with it. The Newton touch-screen is a passive touch-screen and
any pen can be used (maybe even a toothpick) -- I'll include a tiny
plastic pen from an old PDA.

The original NiMH battery doesn't seem to charge anymore. I bought a
"new" Newton NiMH battery (I still have the box) and I'll include it
with the package. However, due to the vintage nature of these
batteries, I can't guarantee how they work and how long a charge they
would take. I did test the Newton 2100 with the power adapter.

The Newton 2100 cover is intact. The serial dongle can be used along
with a standard serial cable to connect to a PC or Mac serial port.
The flash memory cards provide plenty of storage space (IIRC, Apple-
branded Flash memory cards for the Newton only had a maximum 4MB


Selling for $100 shipped CONUS.

Peter Wong
Hillsboro, OR 97124

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