Re: [NTLK] Doubts using Mail V

From: R A Parker <QuadzillaNET_at_SBCGlobal.NET>
Date: Sun Oct 05 2008 - 13:24:00 EDT

On Sunday, October 5, 2008 at 8:13 am Carlos Pessoa wrote:

> 1) I have 2 accounts setup in Mail V,
> but sometimes I just want to retrieve
> emails from one of them. How can I
> select the just the one I wan?

You activate/deactivate the checking of specific email accounts from the
Owner Info settings. Find the email settings for the Mail V account. Click
over to the advanced settings tab. Select/Deselect the check box Enable
checking for new mail option.

> 2) Even though I've set some filters
> in Mail V (ie do not download
> messages older than 2 days) it
> keeps downloading the 1486 messages I
> have in my inbox. How can I avoid this?

Bad news: First, the mail box that you're connecting to has a lot of mail.
Mail V hasn't yet saved the mailbox info for that account until it has
successfully scanned all the messages. Once it makes it through the
mailbox, Mail V will pickup where it left off. (i.e. Mail V will start it's
downloading at 1486, the next time).

Good news: If you have your filter set to ignore mail older than 2 days,
it's not really downloading the messages. It still has to scan them the
first time before it will start remembering where in the mailbox it has
already scanned.

> 3) I want Mail V to store the
> messages in my 20MB linear card
> and not in the internal memory,
> where I can set this up?

I've set Mail V using the "Default Location." Set this from the Card
application. Set your 20MB card as default. Next, I've chosen to NOT store
new In/Out items to internal store, from within the In/Out app by selecting
Prefs from the 'i' menu.

> 4) I can't send messages using
> Mail V. Every time I try to send a
> email, shows up a warning
> window saying I need to setup
> my POP and SMTP account in Enroute
>. Is that right? I've filled the "Outgoing" tab
> in Mail V with all SMTP account information.

Not sure about this one, but I think Woody has correctly suggested a
possible solution. I'd recommend freezing or deleting Enroute. I also
recommend GoFetch running side by side with Mail V. You will like the
extras it provides. Additionally, It is always able to send even when Mail
V gives me a hard time. Which, for sending, is quite often.

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