[NTLK] Newton 2100...

From: Ted Ramsden <tramsden_at_shaw.ca>
Date: Sun Oct 05 2008 - 17:53:13 EDT

Wow, it's been a few years since I have sent and received mail from the
NewtonTalk List !

I finally decided to sell my 2100 and accessories, so I thought I would ask
the group what the going rate is a 2100.

Original 2100 (not upgrade)
2 battery trays (AA)
1 Original Stylus
Keyboard and dongle
Ethernet Card
33.6 Fax/Modem
2 Centennial Flash Cards, 16Mb ( I believe )
Newton Carry/ Lap bag.
6 Screen protectors and the Original box and tons of software ????

If anyone on the list is interested, let me know before I craigslist it
here in Vancouver BC

Thanks for all the help over the years and for the wonderful reference
offered !


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