[NTLK] Doubts using Mail V

From: Carlos Pessoa <carlos.pessoa_at_gmail.com>
Date: Sun Oct 05 2008 - 11:13:19 EDT

Dear all,

I've installed a copy of Mail V in my MP2000u and although i can
retrieve email using it, I have some doubts:

1) I have 2 accounts setup in Mail V, but sometimes I just want to
retrieve emails from one of them. How can I select the just the one I
2) Even though I've set some filters in Mail V (ie do not download
messages older than 2 days) it keeps downloading the 1486 messages I
have in my inbox. How can I avoid this?
3) I want Mail V to store the messages in my 20MB linear card and not
in the internal memory, where I can set this up?
4) I can't send messages using Mail V. Every time I try to send a
email, shows up a warning window saying I need to setup my POP and
SMTP account in Enroute. Is that right? I've filled the "Outgoing" tab
in Mail V with all SMTP account information.

Thanks in advance for your help!


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