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From: Ed <>
Date: Fri Sep 28 2007 - 13:17:25 EDT

Seems to me that the PDA market is almost extinct. The Office Depot & Staples stores in my neighborhood don't even stock them. Circuit City has three Palms on display but they're in the back of store on the dinosaur isle. Ten years age they had a big display table by the front door with a dozen different models. Today it's souped up cell phones.
Michael LaMorte <> wrote: If Apple announces a "Newton Successor" they *have* to realize that
one of the reasons the Newton was -- and continues to be -- so
popular and successful is because people could write software for it.
Apple can make this "son of Newton" slicker than snot, but if third-
party developers can't write apps for it (and I don't mean some
stupid "web-based applications", Steve-o) then it's as good as dead
in my eyes.

A cell phone, yeah, I can *almost* understand not wanting to open the
platform. A virus on a cell phone that has easy access to a
persistent internet connection and access to all your personal data
would be catastrophic. But if they release a Neuvo-Newt, they'd
better leave it an open platform.

Michael A. LaMorte
Apple Authorized Business Agent
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