Re: [NTLK] They'd better get it right

From: Tony Kan <>
Date: Fri Sep 28 2007 - 20:07:08 EDT

Yup. I can see the attraction for a pda-phone because it reduces the number of
devices being carried around. Although I often find I'm writing something on a
Newton while talking on a cellphone.

Anyway, just thinking aloud, does the multi-touch interface mean that HWR can't
be implemented?

Seems to me that for a pda phone to work you need a fully functional PIM
capability which should at least include:

* Names
* Dates (schedule and task mgt)
* Notes
* Search so you can find anything entered.

From my iPhone reading it seems that all the above is covered EXCEPT task mgt.

Strangely the iPod Touch seems to have dropped Notes and don't let you enter
calendar events directly into the device.

Altogether we have a bit more (but not too much more) to go before we get to the
next generation Newton.

Warm regards

Tony Kan

New Zealand

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Seems to me that the PDA market is almost extinct. The Office Depot & Staples
stores in my neighborhood don't even stock them. Circuit City has three Palms on
display but they're in the back of store on the dinosaur isle. Ten years age
they had a big display table by the front door with a dozen different models.
Today it's souped up cell phones.

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