Re: [NTLK] MP2k battery 'waiting', not charging: speculation

From: Woody Smith <>
Date: Fri Sep 21 2007 - 15:28:18 EDT

Well done. Weak spring and dirty contacts on the pack or inside the
2x00 can lead to problems with charging.
The eMate has a battery pack that connect with a plug as you guessed.

In both cases these batteries are getting old and many have failed,
though I still us an original battery pack in my 2x00.
The eMate battery pack is relatively easy to re-cell, compared to the


On Sep 21, 2007, at 1:03 PM, BobR wrote:

> Just about to put my battery pack in the fridge when I had an idea
> about my
> MP2k battery 'waiting' problem. Suppose the two springy contacts
> inside the
> battery compartment were weak, making a high-resistance connection
> against
> the battery pack. Maybe combined with some oxidation effects. Could
> that be
> upsetting the charging process ?

> What makes me optimistic is another piece of speculation: if the eMate
> battery is the same material as the MP2k battery, and if the eMate
> doesn't
> have the battery 'waiting' problem, is this because the eMate
> battery uses a
> proper connector without the springy contacts ?
> Bob R.

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