[NTLK] MP2k battery 'waiting', not charging: speculation

From: BobR <newttalk_at_old-sock.co.uk>
Date: Fri Sep 21 2007 - 14:03:01 EDT

Just about to put my battery pack in the fridge when I had an idea about my
MP2k battery 'waiting' problem. Suppose the two springy contacts inside the
battery compartment were weak, making a high-resistance connection against
the battery pack. Maybe combined with some oxidation effects. Could that be
upsetting the charging process ?

To test the theory, I cut a short length (6 inches or so) of TV aerial,
removed the copper core and made a 1-cms right-angle at one end. Under a
good light, the metal rod was guided inside each springy contact inside the
MP2k case and gently tugged toward the front, slightly bending the metal
battery contact.

When the battery pack was inserted, there was a much better clunk-click. The
'waiting' message disappeared right-away, and the battery entered 'charging'
state. No need for 20 minutes in the fridge. It took a good charge and it's
still in use. But I won't know until it's drained again whether this is
science, or just co-incidence.

What makes me optimistic is another piece of speculation: if the eMate
battery is the same material as the MP2k battery, and if the eMate doesn't
have the battery 'waiting' problem, is this because the eMate battery uses a
proper connector without the springy contacts ?

Bob R.


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