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From: Adrian Marsh <>
Date: Fri Sep 21 2007 - 16:12:01 EDT

Of course, if its possible to customise the order for the EB Cases or modify them oneself, then this would certainly add to the attraction. And an ability to order via e-mail (or via a kindly NewtonTalk colleague in the US - I'm in Istanbul) would be helpful. Could an order/posting arrangement be made with anyone willing to transact this for me? Off list of course. Despite my reservations, I'm impressed by the enthusiastic support this case receives, so its certainly worth a try…
Incidentally, having a number of Newtons around, a Turkish teaching colleague at a primary school in Edirne was so impressed with my 2100, I offered to send her one (she is English-speaking of course) from Istanbul (I work in developing education for Turkish Romani/Gypsies). The Newton was never sold here in any form or model and is still a source of surprise, delight and wonder for most Turkish people I meet in the education sector. The eMate I have thrills class-rooms full of Turkish children for whom the idea of a personal computer is an unimaginable fantasy. I have often thought a project to bring numbers of these into poorly-equipped schools here (all public schools are poorly equipped) would be hugely successful, especially in ICT-based work (very under-developed here). The potential is enormous, and people here mostly have very different expectations, to them a Newton is extraordinarily sophisticated

Adrian Marsh
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