Re: [NTLK] iPod Touch or iPhone IS the next Newton!!

From: Joshua Cearley <>
Date: Tue Oct 30 2007 - 04:07:52 EDT

On Oct 29, 2007, at 7:29 PM, wrote:
> However, from what I know about what we like about the Newton, we
> need more local applications for writing, outlining and drawing and a
> convincing data input method.
> A proper document application would be great.
The iPhone/iPod Touch SDK coming out in February could remedy this,
unless of course they do something retarded like make it so you have
to have an ADC Premium membership to use it or make you mail apps in
for approval. I wouldn't put it past them, Apples been bending over
backwards for the whole "Lets lock down our phones because we're
jerks" that AT&T likes.

> Handwriting recognition would be cool too...

This would require a stylus unfortunately, and the iPhone has no
mechanism for carrying one :( Granted, I think someone on the mailing
list said a company actually did make an iPod/iPhone stylus.. This
could probably be added in too but we'll have to see.

Only four months to go!

Joshua Cearley
Black Crystal Software

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