Re: [NTLK] iPod Touch or iPhone IS the next Newton!!

From: Abraham Limpo Martínez <>
Date: Tue Oct 30 2007 - 06:46:59 EDT

Joshua Cearley escribió:

> The iPhone/iPod Touch SDK coming out in February could remedy this,
> unless of course they do something retarded like make it so you have
> to have an ADC Premium membership to use it or make you mail apps in
> for approval. I wouldn't put it past them, Apples been bending over
> backwards for the whole "Lets lock down our phones because we're
> jerks" that AT&T likes.

Actually, I think it will be more like an extension to the new Apple
Virtual Machine they're toying with, the LLVM (
It is some sort of OpenSource Framework that can compile code to any
platform it has support from some bytecode. I don't have
a lot of knowledge of programming, but from a quick look it doesn't seem
to be similar to the .NET framework or Java, although
my description should indicate so.

Commentaries on Ars Technica review of the new OS 10.5 indicate that
there's been a lot of work recently on the ARM branch
of this program, and that Apple wants to push this project forward.
(Article page:

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