[NTLK] iPod Touch or iPhone IS the next Newton!!

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joel@inventors-emporium.co.uk writes:
I had a decent play with an iPod Touch belonging to my Nephew
yesterday and I can understand why some of us are thinking that it
could be the new Newt.

I had a opportunity recently to mass around with a co-worker's iPhone, and I
am CONVINCED that it will be MY next Newton...! And, I wanted to ask the
list if anyone felt the same way...
My Newton 2100 (in fact, every Newton I have used since 1995) has basically
been used as my phone book and a calendar / diary, and in that regard the
iPhone would seem to be the perfect replacement. Of course, with over 1000 name
entries(!), some with a massive amounts of notes attached, I am wondering if
8gb will be enough memory! (I am sure it will!)
However, from what I know about what we like about the Newton, we
need more local applications for writing, outlining and drawing and a
convincing data input method.
A proper document application would be great. But as far as data input, the
fact that it can get online should be sufficient to e-mail text to yourself
from a computer to the iPhone and transfer the data that way.. I have done
that with my Newton for years!

The onscreen keyboard is OK in that it
was accurate and reliable for me but one cannot even contemplate
taking notes with it - and into what? I'm pretty sure that HWR would
work on the Touch/iPhone so we'll have to see if Apple make use of it
in future releases.

Handwriting recognition would be cool too... but MY BIGGEST ISSUE is some
sort of finance - tracking app for the iPhone. If someone makes an app like
Quickbooks for the iPhone or iPod Touch, it is a done deal!
Anyway, just wanted to get the list's opinions on the iPhone as a
replacement for the Newton...
Craig W.
Houston, TX

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